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Feb 21st 2018

Chris here is the new Chapter Officers list:

Commander Don Eck

SR. Vice Commander Cullen Cook

JR. Vice Commander (open)

Adjutant Delores Berry

Treasurer Michael Manley

Legislature Chairman Craig Vance

Service Officer Don Eck

This is what we have with National at the time.  Thanks for the assistance in this matter.  Semper Fi Brother,


Sep 27th 2017

Hey,  I was supposed to go to the office about 1100 this morning and do some typing.  I got caught up in a family crises and totally forgot.  I called up there at 1255 but there was no answer.  I'm sorry to have midded it but I'm not used to having appointments except at drs.  Please forgive my lapse and I will make it yet.


Sep 21st 2017

Hi Chris,  Sorry my phone message wasn't very clear.  I get ahead of myself when I leave them sometimes and can not remember what all I've said.


I was wondering if you could forward the phones to me on one of my phones when I can't make it in to answer or if y'all are busy helping people.  I have a cell line that I only use for a mini tablet so it would be a little like a dedicated line.  I could take messages and encourage people to call back or whatever comes up plus making a log of information on those who call.

I plan to come up and start the data entry thing Don mentioned and I want to come later in the day as Don suggested.  Can u ask him to contact me so we can arrange it?


Thanks, Deb

May 10th 2017

Hey, What kind of computer were you using and what do you think of it?   I noticed it last week as the physical size I'd like but there are so many out there I don't know which to start looking at. 



May 10th 2017

Hey, I just called Senator Lawton's DC office to support the Blue Water Navy as one of those who was poisoned by Agent Orange. 

Where should I enter that kind of thing?  Maybe if more people entered that type of activity it would encourage more people to Post.  I get confused when I start looking at blogs or news.   

May 9th 2017

I would love to know about Bill Clinton's, Hillary too, arrest so many people would be eager to read about that.  Sometimes virus' come in things we would find exciting.  We have to think before we open mail and if it's too good to be true it still probably is.

Nov 16th 2016

I you go into the old NWDAVASS theres a picture that says Bill Clinton was arrested by FBI DO NOT open it because it's a virus and you cannot close the page.


Apr 5th 2016

O​ff to a great start, I do not believe I got entered tnto the Offices group.  It will take sometime to use site but believe it will be gtreat.  Looking forward to the Photes, Veteos, etc to be up and running.


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