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Sep 20th 2017

I just spoke with Jennifer at the VSN!6 in CO.  She was very nice and called Bass and explained the situation and now they are going to go through all my outstanding bills and file them properly.  I called Bass back a few minutes later to make sure they would remove all negative accounts from my credit report and it was done instantly.  I had KreditKarma up and  it refreshed and the Bass entries were gone just that quickly. 

Sep 15th 2017

I've had two additional accounts given to collection agencies for medical care in Enid.  I spoke with Adrian at VISN16 and he said they have things that are pending legislation and some that are paid.  Neither one of us knows what the EMS and Integris here do with the bills beyond damaging my credit score.  I've been sending the pay stub back to them with a letter that tells them who to bill and why but it's not getting bills paid.

Can someone give me the lawful directive to quote in a certified letter sent to each billing office and the collection agencies?



Sep 15th 2017

I posted a comment on the Threshing event yesterday and I think my spell checker is to new and it didn't know that there is such a thing as "threshing".


May 10th 2017

Hello Dolores,, I was useing an Apple Ipad at the meeting! I, myself perfure Apple computers over any type of window's. Yes they do cost more but the last a lot longer!! 

Mar 7th 2017
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Feb 25th 2017
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